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Industrial Water Treatment Test Kits

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Acidity Test Kit

Acidity Test Kits


Alkalinity Test Kits


Sample is titrated with a standard acid solution to a specific pH endpoint. Phenolphthalein, pH 8.3 which is P Alkalinity / Total Alkalinity Indicator, pH 4.6 which is T Alkalinity.


Low-level ammonia nitrogen may be naturally present in water as a result of the biological decay of plant and animal matter. Higher concentrations in surface waters can indicate contamination from waste treatment facilities, raw sewage, industrial effluents (particularly from petroleum refineries), or fertilizer runoff.
MC-600 detail

Bacteria Tests

We stock a variety of testing products for monitoring microbiological activity. Some of our most popular items are dip slides, which are commonly used to check microbial levels in industrial water systems. We also offer a variety of ATP meters and swabs from 3M, Hygiena and LuminUltra for water and surface testing.



Bromine is an oxidizer used as a disinfectant. Bromine based biocides are gaining popularity due to environmental restrictions on chlorine. Be aware that chlorine can cause a false positive in most Bromine tests.

Chelant Test Kits

We offer free and total chelant test kits for industrial water applications. Results are expressed ppm EDTA. Chelants are important because of their ability to tie up metal ions in a solution. Chelants may be used with sequestering agents to prevent calcium and magnesium scaling and iron and copper deposition. Our EndPoint ID Chelant test kits offer simple testing instructions with quick and accurate results. Kits include filtering equipment for testing turbid samples.
Chloride Test Kit

Chloride Test Kits


Chlorides are tested to control the blowdown from boiler and cooling systems in industrial water treatment. The sample is titrated with a standard solution of silver nitrate with chromate used as the indicator. Mercuric nitrate titrants are available for lower level detections.

Chlorine Dioxide Test Kits


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is effective as both a disinfectant and an oxidizer in water treatment. Chlorine dioxide is a broad-spectrum microbiocide effective over a wide pH range. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not react with organic materials to form trihalomethanes (THMs). Chlorine dioxide is also non-reactive with ammonia-nitrogen and with most treatment chemicals (corrosion and scale inhibitors) present in cooling water systems.
Chlorine Drop Count Test Kit

Chlorine Tests

In the industrial water treatment industry, chlorine tests are used to control biofilm in cooling systems. These tests use the Iodometric drop test method or the DPD method to detect free and total chlorine.
Hach Copper (Free & Total) Color Disc Test Kit, Model CU-6



Copper in industrial water may be an indicator that there is corrosion in the system. Low level tests are used to detect the dissolved copper which can cause problems in both boiler and cooling systems.
Hach DEHA color disc kit


Dissolved oxygen in boiler system water causes corrosion and pitting of metal surfaces, which can lead to boiler inefficiency, equipment failure, and system downtime. DEHA (N,N- Diethylhydroxylamine) is added to boiler system water as an oxygen scavenger to keep the dissolved oxygen levels as low as possible.
Deposits Test Kit

Deposits Test Kit

Boiler and Cooling Tower deposits can result from improper product application, lack of blow down, softener failure, low alkalinity, iron contamination, return line corrosion by-products or process contamination.

Our Deposits Test Kit is a quick and easy way to point the water treatment engineer in the right direction for problem solving of any deposit or scale build up. This kit is designed to be an onsite guide and is not intended to replace full laboratory analysis of the deposit.
Product Image - DO Tests

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)


Dissolved Oxygen is undesirable and should be removed in industrial water treatment because of its corrosive effects on copper and iron. High temperature and pressure increase the corrosive effect.
Product Image - Glutatect


The Glutatect WT test kit measures glutaraldehyde utilizing a 5 minute test procedure and measures 20 to 100 ppm glutaraldehyde "activites".

Hardness Test Kits


Calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water cause hardness which can lead to scale. A standard solution of chelant is used to titrate the hardness in the sample. The indicator changes from red to blue at the titration end point.
Product Image - Hach's Pocket II Colorimeter



Iron in industrial water treatment is from either the source water supply or is in solution as a result of corrosion. Total iron is the sum of ferrous and ferric forms of Fe in solution.

Legionella Test Kits

This test kit is used to detect the presence of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 bacteria in cooling water systems, domestic hot/cold water and whirlpool spas. The test operates via a Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay (LFICA).

Molybdenum Tests


We offer many choices for Molybdenum testing including meters, color discs, and drop count test kits. Call us to discuss the best method for your needs. Many of our customers are upgrading to meters so they can lower their level of molybdate.

Neutralizing Amines Test Kit

Our Neutralizing Amines test kit was designed for testing neutralizing amines in condensate. Neutralizing amines are added to the steam to keep condensate pH in the alkaline range and prevent carbonic acid attack on the return line system.
Soil Nitrate Test Kit


This kit utilizes the EM Quant Nitrate test strip and the Nitrachek meter to read extractable nitrate. The strip nitrate chemistry follows the ASTM D3867 testing procedure. A reaction pad on the strip develops a red-violet color, which is analyzed by the Nitrachek meter over the range of 5 to 500 ppm (mg/L) nitrate. The meter reads to 1 ppm nitrate. Approximate time to perform the test, after collecting and drying the soil sample, is 15 mintues.

Nitrite Test Kits


Nitrite is most often used in closed systems as a corrosion inhibitor. We offer both the permanganate method and the CAN test method. Most of our customer have upgraded to the simple CAN method which can be used in systems with glycol, plus it is easier to run.
Hach Phosphorus, Orthophosphate (Reactive) Test Kit, Model PO-19


In boiler water treatment, orthophosphate is primarily added to control scaling as it reacts with calcium hardness. Orthophosphate also works well has a corrosion inhibitor.

We offer many choices for phosphate testing, giving you options for choosing a test kit that meets your system and budget requirements. We stock EndPoint ID drop count test kits, Hach color disc test kits and colorimeters and Chemetrics ampoule kits for monitoring your boiler system. We also carry supplies required for filtering your sample, which is recommended before testing.



pH is a very important test for industrial water treatment. Corrosion and scale can be controlled with good pH measurement. We offer a full line of test kits and meters. We also offer products for testing low ionic strength solutions like rain water or condensate. Call for details.

Phosphonate (OP) Tests


We offer two types of test kits to test phosphonate or organo phosphate. Palin's drop count kit is economical and easy to use. We can calibrate the test kits directly to your product and also customize the kit's instructions. We also offer Hach's UV digestion kits which we recommend you use to verify your OP results. Call for details.
Optidose Traceable Polymer Test

Polymer Test Kits


We can create a custom calibrated curve to test for your polymer products. Contact us to get your meters calibrated to show polymer results as your product. Once our laboratory creates the data, only two reagents and a meter are necessary to run the test.
Silica Test Kit, High Range



Silica levels vary greatly depending on your water source. Silica scale can insulate pipes resulting in poor heat transfer and higher fuel costs..
Silt Density Index Test Kit

Silt Density Index (SDI) Test


The SDI test is used to determine the feed water quality for water feeding membrane filtration systems. The most common is reverse osmosis or RO system. This test method indicates the quantity of particulate matter in low turbidity (<1.0 NTU) waters. This test is based on the Standard Test Method for Silt Density Index (SDI) of Water. ASTM procedure D4189-95.


Sulfite Test Kits


Sulfites are used to remove dissolved oxygen from the treatment water. Excess sulfite at elevated temperature combines with oxygen to reduce pitting. Remember to cool your samples quickly and perform the test immediately.
Product Image - Zinc



Some corrosion inhibitors contain zinc. The pocket colorimeter is a great way to measure zinc in your water treatment system. Call with any questions.