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3M Rapid SRB Detection Pouch, 50 pack

Item # 98-0213-3386-3

3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch, 50 pack
Pipettes NOT Included

A fast, easy, reliable way to monitor for microorganisms that cause MIC.

3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch is a thin-film culture device designed to cultivate and detect sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in water samples. A specially formulated growth medium, combined with oxygen scrubbing and reduction potential modifying chemistry, creates an ideal environment for SRB growth. Conventional SRB testing methods rely on pre-sealed anaerobic environments and/or non-SRB aerobic bacteria to eliminate oxygen, while the rapid SRB detection pouch from 3M™ functions with a wide variety of sample types and is tolerant of high levels of salt, total dissolved solids and particulate matter.

The 3M™ Rapid SRB Detection Pouch is a standalone culturing method designed to make field testing easy, accurate and – best of all – fast. Testing has shown our detection pouch can provide results in significantly less time than conventional methods like serial dilution bottles. Light and compact, the bacteria test kit is so small, 200 tests fit easily in a backpack for portability in the field.

With the Rapid SRB Detection Pouch, you will experience:
• Quantitative results in 1–2 days
• Optimized anaerobic environment for good SRB recovery
• Test inoculation that takes seconds, direct from sample
• Small-sized pouches that save you space and minimize waste
• No glass or needles, for a safe and simple test process
• One product for samples of any total dissolved solids (TDS) level
• Shelf life of one year at room temperature


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