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Kemio, Disinfection, Chlorite Hard Case Kit

Item # KEMH10DIS

Kemio by Palintest is the next generation measurement platform, delivering the validation you need from a method you can trust. Kemio utilizes a sophisticated electrochemical technique which removes complexity for the user, giving you clear results for confident decision making.

• Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and PAA (Peracetic acid) testing on one instrument
• Repeatable and reliable results with minimal user input
• Suitable for all users, no training required
• Get clear pass/fail results to enable corrective action
• Create a complete, auditable dataset by adding personalised information
• Suitable for all sample types, not affected by colour, turbidity, floating particles or ambient light

Chlorine: 0.02 - 25 mg/L (Free); 0.02 - 500 mg/L (Total)
Chlorine Dioxide: 0.02 – 50 mg/L
Chlorite: 0.02 – 50 mg/L
Peracetic Acid (PAA): 5 – 2000 mg/L; 0.02 - 50 mg/L


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