Deposits Test Kit

Code: TK8004-Z

Product Type: Multiparameter

Item Type: Combo Test Kit

Test Method: Drop Count

Analyte/Chemical: Multiparameter

Brand: AquaPhoenix

Boiler deposits can result from improper product application, lack of blow down, softener failure, low alkalinity, iron contamination, return line corrosion by-products or process contamination. The deposits test kit is a quick and easy way to point the water treatment engineer in the right direction for problem solving. This kit is designed to be an on site help and is not intended to replace full laboratory analysis of the deposit.

The deposits test kit can indicate the following: Presence of Iron, Copper, and or Calcium Carbonate; Presence of Calcium and Magnesium; Magnetic Iron Oxide and other Iron species; Presence of Phosphate in the deposit; Presence of Sulfur compounds; Silicates

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