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Hach Dipslide Total Bacteria / Total Coliforms

Item # 2610910

Hach Dipslide Total Aerobic Bacteria / Total Coliforms, 10 pack

Hach Paddle Testers allow fast, easy screening of water samples, solid surfaces, and nonviscous liquids where unsanitary conditions may exist. The paddle is a double-sided slide attached to the vial cap. Each side of the slide is used to perform a separate test. The slide has a molded-in grid for easy colony counting without opening the optically clear, leakproof vial.
Paddle Tester, Total Aerobic Bacteria/Total Coliforms (Tryptic Soy Agar/Violet Red Bile Agar), pk/10.

Save time and simplify lab and field testing with Hach prepared P/A media
Report Total Coliform values with EPA accepted Presence-Absence bottles and media
Simplify routine testing with self-contained, easy-to-use Paddle Testers and BART™ products


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