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MD 100 Colorimeter, Chlorine

Item # 276010

The MD 100 Chlorine Colorimeter is a single parameter instrument for measuring the concentration of Free and Total Chlorine in a water sample. The hand-held design makes it ideal for use outside of a laboratory setting and the simplistic user interface ensures ease-of-use by operators of all levels. The MD 100 Chlorine Colorimeter is ideal for measuring Free and Total Chlorine in the range of 0.02-8 mg/l with the DPD method.

• Waterproof Design: The IP 68 design of this instrument ensures that the MD 100 stays watertight for up to 1 hour at 0.1 meter. Don't worry about dropping the instrument into a body of water - it floats!
• Accurate, Reproducible Results: The high-quality optical system of the MD 100 quickly delivers results that you can be confident in. Secondary standards are available for on-site verification of instrument performance
• User Calibration Mode: A one-point calibration is possible, and all MD 100 instruments can display readings directly in ABS or %T units
• One-time-Zero Function: Don't waste time waiting for your instrument to Zero after each test. When testing a new sample, zero the instrument once and all subsequent tests of that sample do not require you to re-zero the instrument
• Automatic Data Storage: with Transfer Capabilities The MD 100 automatically stores the last 16 readings with time and date stamp. These results can be transferred to a spreadsheet using the IRiM accessory
• Ergonomic Design: whether you're using the MD 100 out in the field or in the lab, the design of the instrument makes it easy to handle and view the display. If you're using the instrument in the lab, the rubber feet on the bottom of the housing eliminate the need for two-hand operation
• Factory Programmed: All MD 100 instruments are supplied ready to use with pre-programmed calibration curves. All you need to do is select the measuring range you need, prepare your sample and test!
• Scroll Driven Menu System: The simple interface allows you to quickly reach the test you need. When the instrument is turned on, it will automatically display the last test used


Additional Information

Ranges: 0.02-2 mg/l; 0.1-8 mg/l



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