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Meter, Handheld, SP-710B, Pyxis

Item # 50316

The Pyxis SP-710B handheld multimeter measures six key water treatment parameters simultaneously: pH, conductivity, PTSA, fluorescein, ORP, and temperature. Featuring simple, one-handed operation, the multimeter leverages Pyxis proprietary technology combining electrochemical and optical measurements in a cuvette-less platform.

With the SP-710B, you can view results in under a minute for all key parameters for a typical water treatment application such as cooling tower analysis. The multimeter logs a complete measurement history, which you can transfer via Bluetooth to your smart phone or PC for statistical analysis.

Custom product names and tracer/product ratios can be configured via Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For highest accuracy, the PTSA measurement uses our proprietary signal processing algorithms to compensate for sample color and turbidity conditions, which would otherwise cause erroneous readings.

PTSA/Fluorescein: 0~300 ppb, ±1 ppb or 1% precision 0~1,000.0 ppb, ±0.6 ppb
Conductivity: 1~15,000 uS/cm with ATC ±1% or ±1 uS/cm precision
pH: 0~14 with ATC, ±0.01 pH unit precision
ORP: ±1500mV, ±1mV precision
Temperature: 0~70°C (32~160?)


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