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Pyxis SP-395T TolyTriazole (TTA) Handheld

Item # 50221

Just ONE PRESS to Verify your Azole Level.
Measures the UV Absorbance of TolyTriazole at a range of 0–10ppm.
No reagents, vials, cuvettes necessary!

The Pyxis SP-395T handheld fluorometer is a patented Pyxis Lab® device not offered anywhere else in the world. This device utilizes UV light absorbance to detect TolyTriazole (TTA) content in water. Testing results are instantaneous and reliable. It is important to note that this technology is not wet chemistry and value variations may occur depending on the quality of the sample water. Our SP-395T measures the total UV absorbance value of the azole and offers the final value as ppm TolyTriazole. Users need to identify the correlation to exact wet chemistry values. As well as observe any potential background interferences by checking checking untreated makeup for UV absorbance signal. Users should remove any UV absorbance signal from the final value measured. The SP-395T will not work in waters containing Nitrite treatment. Nitrite absorbs UV light and will result in a false high value. Dramatically reduce service time by using the SP-395T to validate the concentration of azole within your application! To work properly, users must understand the dynamics of their system and evaluate the possible interferences.

• Sample Acidification is NOT REQUIRED.
• Automatically Compensates for Color & Turbidity
• No Sample Cuvette Needed!
• Large Color Graphic Screen Visible in Direct Sunlight


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