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Pyxis, SP-400, PTSA/Conductivity, Fluorometer

Item # 50211

Measures for PTSA (0–300ppb) & Conductivity (0–15,000µS/cm) while simultaneously compensating for color & turbidity interference.

The Pyxis SP-400 Portable Fluorometer is a simple to use handheld fluorometer specifically designed for the direct concentration measurement of PTSA (0–300ppb) and Conductivity (0–15,000µS/cm). Designed for industrial cooling, boiler and process water, this unique handheld allows water samples to be directly filled into the sample cell. This differentiation eliminates the need for purchasing sample cuvettes, reducing overall cost. The proprietary internal algorithms of the SP-400 fluorometer platform allows for the compensation of color and turbidity contamination, resulting in dramatically improved measurement accuracy. The SP-400 also offers an internal sample cell cleanliness diagnostic function for predictive cleaning maintenance. All Pyxis Lab® handheld devices are fully integrated with Bluetooth® 5.0 capabilities for wireless access via uPyxis® for customized settings, configuration and firmware updates.

Color & Turbidity Compensation to eliminate Measurement Interference
Turbidity Over-Range Alarm Features for Samples with Excessive Turbidity
No Sample Cuvette Required
Large Color Graphic Screen with LOCK-IN Feature when reading has Stabilized
Water-Proof & Drop Resistant Design
Integrated Sample Cell Cleanliness Diagnostics Function for Cleaning Frequency
Bluetooth® Enabled for Wireless Customization/Configuration
Customizable Display Output Value as ppm Product vs. ppb Tracer via uPyxis®


Additional Information

PTSA, 0-300 ppb
Conductivity, 0-15000 uS/cm



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