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Pyxis SP-910 Portable Water Analyzer

Item # 50603

Pyxis SP-910 is a 3 in 1 portable water analyzer
Fluorometer / Colorimeter / Turbidimeter

Range: 0-300 ppb PTSA, 0-600 ppb Fluorescein
Colorimeter Wavelength: 420, 455, 525, 560, 570, and 610nm

• PTSA and Fluorescein - Measure PTSA and Fluorescein in the same meter for your traced programs in cooling and boiler applications.
• Calibrate ST-500 Directly - Calibrate a nearby ST-500 via built-in bluetooth after measuring sample concentration. No laptop or any other tool needed.
• LIVE Graphical Value Display Reduces/Eliminates Wait Time for Plateau Results
• Wireless Data Transfer to Cloud Data Management Capable
• User Defined Programs - User defined programs supported with non-linear calibration curves. 60+ programs including reagent-less nitrite and chlorine dioxide measurement.
• Battery Life Doubled - Six months or more under typical usage even equipped with higher resolution LCD readable in direct sunlight.
• Product Name / Direct Read (ppm) Programmable
• More Upgrades - Turbidity range extended to 0-100 and 0-1000 NTU with auto ranging. 16mm tube adaptor available for programs require digestion.
• New Test Capability - PAA (10-500 ppm), Direct Read Bleach Concentration (0-16%), Direct Read ClO2 (7.3-50ppm), MonoChlorAmine (0.1- 3.0 ppm), Non-hazardous Zinc


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