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Water Conditioning Technician Kit

Item # WCTK300

The technicians kit is a complete field test kit designed for the water conditioning technician. This kit has reagents and equipment to test the incoming water and the effluent from the softener. Test include P & T Alkalinity, Hardness, Sulfide, Nitrate, Iron, Chlorine, pH and Conductivity / TDS. All of the items are housed in a durable and compact plastic case with a compartment to securely hold each item.

Kit Contains
Alkalinity, P&T Test, 1 drop = 10 ppm as CaCO3
Hardness Test, 1 drop = 1 gpg as CaCO3 and 1 drop =0.5 ppm as CaCO3
Iron Test, 0.5-10.0 ppm
pH, Wide Range Test, 5.0-10.0 pH
Chlorine, Free, Total and Combined Test, 0.2-3.0 ppm
Sulfide Test, 0.2-20.0 ppm
Nitrate Nitrogen Tablet Kit, 0-15 ppm
Conductivity Pen Meter


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