Hach DR900 Handheld Colorimeter

Code: 9385100

Product Type: Handheld

Item Type: Colorimeters

Analyte/Chemical: Multiparameter

Brand: Hach

Multi parameter handheld water testing with over 90 colorimetric parameters for use in the most demanding field environments

The DR900 is a fantastic choice when it comes to field testing multiple parameters. Our customers love the ease of use of our handheld colorimeter. It is portable, rugged and time tested. Simplify your testing in the field by using the DR900.

  • Portability: The portable colorimeter allows for quick and easy access to your most frequently used testing methods in less than four clicks. The portable colorimeter also helps satisfying core testing needs by offering at least 90 of the most common testing parameters.

  • Easy to use: This instrument comes with an intuitive user interface, data storage for up to 500 tests and a built-in USB port for the easy transfer of information.

  • Ruggedness: This colorimeter is waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant, and has been drop tested for greater quality assurance. Combining all these features with a push button backlit display for use in low light areas, you have a portable colorimeter which is field-ready, and makes testing in harsh field environments a little less challenging.

Industry: Aquaculture, Chemical, Clinical/Medical Lab, Drinking Water, Fertigation, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Storm Water, Waste Water, Hospitality, Agriculture

Additional Info

Additional Info

Use CHEMetrics Vacu-vials with the DR900

The A-0215 CHEMetrics Hach DR900 13-mm adapter is required to use CHEMetrics Vacu-vials test kits with the DR900 colorimeter. The 13-mm adapter is used in conjunction with the 16-mm adapter originally supplied with the DR900. Before using the A-0215 Vacu-vials 13-mm Adapter with the DR900, a Vacu-vials User Program must be imported to the DR900. During the file import process, the DR900 will warn the user that the programs currently saved to Favorites/User Programs will be replaced. A new Hach DR900 program list will be generated containing only the imported user programs.

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