DR300 Pocket Colorimeter, Chlorine, Free + Total

Code: LPV445-97-00110

Product Type: Handheld

Item Type: Colorimeters

Analyte/Chemical: Chlorine

Brand: Hach

Hach DR300 Colorimeter, Chlorine, Free + Total

0.02 - 2.00 mg/L Cl2
0.1 - 8.0 mg/L Cl2

The Hach DR300 offers reliability while providing state-of-the-art data transfer capability. The DR300 Pocket Colorimeter is the next generation in portable instrumentation infused with the smart capabilities that modern technology has to offer like optional Bluetooth connectivity with single-click data transfer and seamless system integration. Reduce data collection hassles, eliminate transcription errors, and ensure stronger compliance traceability. The DR300 also features upgraded waterproofing and a larger display.

Reagents must be purchased separately.

  • Industry:
    Aquaculture, Chemical, Clinical/Medical Lab, Drinking Water, Fertigation, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Storm Water, Waste Water, Hospitality, Agriculture

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