Ammonia HR CHEMets® Test Kit (5-50 ppm)

Code: K-1520D

Product Type: Single Parameter

Test Method: HR CHEMets

Analyte/Chemical: Ammonia

Brand: CHEMetrics

Method: Direct Nesslerization
Range: 5-50 ppm
MDL: 5 ppm

HR CHEMets® is the new way to test at high ranges and replaces the now discontinued K-1510D VACUettes product line.

The K-1520D Ammonia HR CHEMets® Test Kit (5-50 ppm) comes in a plastic case and contains everything needed to perform 30 tests (except distilled water): 30 HR CHEMets® ampoules, a color comparator, fixed volume pipet, 25 mL sample cup, and instructions. 

This kit is applicable for wastewater, environmental, aquaculture or any application where high concentrations of ammonia may be found in water.

Shelf life: Although the Nessler reagent is stable, its high alkali content attacks the glass ampoule. The resulting precipitate interferes with color comparison. The refill has a 5-month shelf life when stored in the dark and at room temperature. This shelf life can be extended by 18 months if the refill is refrigerated.

*Contains mercury. Dispose according to local, state or federal laws.



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